Steven Power 
I am and have been a Member of the Royal Photographic Society from 2018. 
My art and photography have a strong connection with my primal view of life. I started art and photography originally to share my outer world experiences. Since then my art and photography have been influenced by my sexuality, the people I have met on my journey through life, those around me and artists whom I admire. My photography now concentrates on my “inner world” which finds expression through my art work. Over the last two decades I have tried to portray life and people in a primal way, it is an exploration of my deeper levels of experience and my take on the world.

I am an exhibited photographer having been part of shows at the "Foyles Gallery",  "Conningsby Gallery and Strand Gallery" in London between 2011-14. I have had worked published in QX Magazine, featured in The Independent Online and my work shown on BBC Live. I won the London Literary Photography Award from Foyles in July 2013. I have exhibited at the Riverside Studio, Hammersmith and the Guidlhall London in 2016/2017.  I have recently exhibited at the Espacio Gallery in Bethnal Green, London 2018 and 2019.
Many of the images on this website explore the beauty of nature and urban landscapes that I feel an affinity with, each one captures a special moment, a primal force of nature a primal aspect of the world as i see it.    

Most models portrayed on this website are either new to modelling or semi experienced. The shoot undertaken with each models enables them to gain experience and receive images for use in their portfolio. Further work from their shoot enables me to push the model for more extraordinary images for my exhibitions, book and magazine work. My intention is to portray the beauty of a physique, or  look and then take it further, digging deeper into a more primal take on life and form. I often use props, locations and backgrounds to elaborate on a story. Recent work with models has included my interpretations of scenes from fables, ancient stories as well as scenes from famous paintings. 
If you would like to purchase any of the work on this website please contact me via the contact link. You can also purchase on canvas or acrylic. Please contact me via email and purchase by PAYPAL on the purchasing page.
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